How Can You Track The Phone?

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Can one download a GPS tracker for an Android device with no pre-installed tracker?

Can one download a GPS tracker for an Android device with no pre-installed tracker?

Yes anyone can download any kind of tracker for the device, may that be of freeware sites and web pages, the internet GooglePlay Market or IOS market.

The installation process takes a small amount somewhere about 10 minutes. Depending on the application size which can be from 3 -5 MB to 60MB the download is really fast. Setting up the application to work properly and testing can take up to 20 minutes of your time.

Settings that you need to adjust are the number of users on the phone, who will use the phone, and who you are going to track. What data are you going to track, SMS messages, calls, and contacts, location on the map, or every data stored on the smartphone? Some applications require a sign-up subscription to one of their sites in order to allow secure cloud storing service and real-time and offline view of the monitored and logged data stored on these servers. The sign-up process requires your name, address, email address, and other personal information which you decide to share or not.

Some non-modern Android phones don't have a built-in GPS tracker, but you can install trackers on them also, and they will use the internet, wired or wireless connection, internet IP address to determine your current and future location.

In order to install the tracking application, you need to have admin privilege on the smartphone or by an administrator of the owner, you need to be able to know the password to unlock it.

Non-owners cannot install any tracking apps on your phone and they cannot do that remotely they need to have physical access to the device. Use of GoogleMaps and tracking is available on any device, from the old legacy outdated device to the most modern technology running android 5 and up. Some have GPS built some don't but you can get details about your whereabouts with the use of the network if you can access it.

But today there is a small number of devices that do not have built-in GPS devices, so you don't have to worry much about having the required hardware in order to enable its users to track features and share the location with your friends, social media, parents and other. To be able to install a GPS tracker on your Android device you must own the smartphone, have access to any kind of internet connection from which you will download the application, the device should have the necessary GPS hardware, and the user should confirm the required permissions in order the application to work. There is not any kind of limit of age, location, of the user. And it doesn't matter from which source you gonna get the application.

Can you track a missing phone without GPS or Wi-Fi?

Can you track a missing phone without GPS or Wi-Fi?

The tracking of the device is possible without GPS and Wi-Fi in some case with the help of the mobile operator.

The devices are increasing in their manufacture and design. Some do support the modern features, but still there are many which do not know about the modern features.

You can track your device by using Google android device manager. This will need a data connection to the mobile company's internet only. The device must be connected with the Google account to track it after it has lost. You must allow this feature. You need to have enabled the android device manager for locating your device as these settings can be changed and can’t be set to on or off as per user's discretion.

You also need to allow the android device manager to lock your device and erase your data so that it does not come at the hands of some malicious persons. There is no app as such for that. This only needs that your device is connected to your Google account. It is very much easy to use in tracking of your missing phone. You just need to select the right device if you have connected many devices with the same Google account. After you select a device, it will try to locate the given device on the map. Google has also implemented some new tactics in their design as well. You can use the phrase 'where is my phone' in the search results and it will show your mobile on a little map after tracking, you can ring the phone directly from there.

There is another method to track down your missing phone which is to remotely install an app, but the device must be connected to the data connection. The requirement for this type of tracking need your device be connected with your Google account. The android version should not be higher than 3.0. This method is a bit complicated. First, you have to install an app android lost on your phone remotely, then you can activate it by sending a text from any of the mobile phone.

The installation of this app can be easily accomplished from your Google play store website on all your connected devices. The device needs to be however connected with your Google account at all costs otherwise you will not be able to do it. This is actually a demonstration of an emergency phone tracker. The device can be registered by sending the text instead of physical possession of the phone. This will act like a phone tracker hidden for the thief really. It will probably help many of us.

Catering emergencies with the help of phone trackers

Catering emergencies with the help of phone trackers

The phone tracking application can help in the emergency situations as well.

Whenever you are in an emergency, the first and foremost thing you want to accomplish is asking for someone help. This is the most crucial step. How will you ask for the help of emergency worker, police or your loved ones? You may be out of the network or even if you are in the network range, you may not be able to dial a call to the desired person due to some challenging issues around you. Many of the apps related to phone tracking would help you even if there is no network. They can guide you along your path. They can give you directions to reach some safe place.

The phone tracking app may have an additional feature that you can press a panic button on it. This button may have attached and stored information regarding your emergency contacts. It will be just forward a text that you need help. This text will reach your loved ones or the emergency department like police or hospital. This all depends on how you can give information behind that button. Then the next process of locating you begins after that. The people who receive your help seeking text will then try to establish your location. This issue can also be served with the help of phone tracker paid applications, they will send your exact location as well. In this way phone tracker current location will guide the emergency workers reach you much easily.

The phone tracking applications work like emergency drugs for the people in the modern world. The police and emergency working departments can work with more efficiency and their efforts to get some more streamlined with the help of these phone tracking applications. The police can track the cell phones with the location on the maps and aerial photos of the area. They can do it with much more accuracy some time with exact precision.

There are many examples in which authorities have been able to rescue the people out of troubles due to such phone tracking applications. One of the examples is the rescue of the teenager and a toddler, who forgot their way in a large wooden area. The cell phone tracking applications and the help of a dispatcher got them rid of such situation in about 20 minutes only. They were very much worried as it was not even a dream to find out way out of this expanded 113 acre woods area but thanks to the technology. Therefore, it is definitely right to say that phone tracking applications can be much helpful in the case of any type of emergencies.



GSM tracking is one of the most effective methods of telling where your target is located. More people, however, shy from it because they think special software is required. For effective GSM tracking, no software is required. What the client requires is a real time GSM tracker. This will help in tracking your object without requiring a service center, internet access, or middle software. The tracker liaises with the host without going through a middle server center. Once you purchase the device, you can use it directly.

A special GSM antennae and a very strong battery are inbuilt on the tracker to power the system and make its location easier. The only thing required is a valid SIM to start tracking the object. To know where your object is, simply dial the number of the active SIM on the tracker. This has made the technology become a preference by many people for its effectiveness because of wide network coverage. Remember that privacy of the object can easily be observed because only the user knows the SIM number in the GSM tracker.

With GSM tracker, there are no complicated programs installations or settings.

Once you have the tracker fitted, select com port to start tracking your object on mapping display programs. You can also set the tracker to get location update through short messaging service (SMS). The user will also be able to activate moving sensors and background sounds. You do not have to go for complicated and costly software, use GSM trackers to get high levels of efficiency at affordable rates.



When a spouse starts cheating on you, the effects can be devastating. The sense of betrayal could have lasting effects such as low self-esteem, low productivity, relationship breakages, and even suicidal tendencies. Modern technologies are now available and you can precisely establish whether your wife is cheating on you. You can do this in several ways. The most effective method is using GPS tracker to help identify:

Where your wife is

Modern GPS tracking are highly effective because they come with real time location capabilities and even memory to keep history of her movement.

The second option is purchasing tracking software that is installed on the mobile phone of your wife. The software records all conversations, messages, and even captures background noises. All of this information is sent to an online account which you log into from your computer, mobile phone, or even tablet connected to internet. Once the software is installed, its operations are silent and hidden such that your wife will never know you are tracking her.

A cheaper alternative you can adopt is checking the mileage of her car and evaluating whether it equals the distance she covers to and from work. If the difference is large, and she keeps denying it, she is most probably cheating on you. More people prefer GPS tracking because it enables them to tell where their wives are and even burst them when cheating directly. Having a lovely wife is great; use the above methods to ensure she is not cheating on you.

Does NSA know everyone's location?

Does NSA know everyone's location?

Ever since phone number tracking has become easy and accessible, people are worried that organizations such as the NSA might be tracking everyone's movements. It is quite true that they might be able to track anyone, but it is also true that not everyone is being tracked. The kind of tracking NSA would use to track someone may require use of sophisticated equipment. The equipment should be good enough to let NSA track a person secretly.

Like all other organizations, they will not track anyone who isn't a suspect or a VIP. They may receive a request to track someone from any other government organization, but that too if the reason is solid. The chances of the NSA tracking you right now are pretty small indeed. They would only be tracking you if you are an MP or some other government official or a high value target such as a drug dealer.

The chances of you being tracked even if you are a VIP are still extremely low, but you can prevent yourself from being tracked altogether as a precaution.

Remember that if you are being tracked by the NSA, you will not know about it. So you can first start by erasing anything that seems like Spyware and make sure that your calls are through a safe line. For mobile phones, getting a safe line is difficult. It is best that you simply do not speak about your secrets on phone and try to avoid using it when you are in danger of being tracked. How can you know whether the chances of you being tracked are high right now? That only you can answer. If you hang around VIPs or are a VIP yourself, then you should always make sure that all communication devices that you use are clean and free from Spywares.

Get your mobile phone checked from an expert or just refresh the operating system from time to time. Your mobile manufacturer should be able to tell you if you are being tracked or not, so they are the experts whom you should consult. The NSA can trap mobile signals and trace calls. You cannot protect yourself from this tracking method, but you can at least prevent majority of tracking attempts by using secure lines.



Apparently all phones send or receive GPS signals in whatever location one is. Whether the phone is on or off it can send GPS signals. What happens is that two ways radio transmitters connect to a nearby tower and they exchange data. The ability to connect to miles away at UHF frequencies enables and produces enough power which supplies, the replacement of flashing antennas with energy.It means that the actual data is sent from anywhere around the globe.

The mobile phone revolution has increased more connection and the knowledge of tracking has evolved.

Lately it has been very easy to transfer information via the satellite; the phones can pinpoint allocation pick information and provide the necessary data of that particular individual. Cell phones send and receive signals, and with the right software’s they are able to pinpoint and give directions to destinations, they even provide information about nearby businesses.

As one travels they move from one location to another, with the Global position system as it send and receives the data from location to location the signal diminishes from your previous location but as you move to a new location the base signal picks up the satellite from this location thus it is very easy to trace someone wherever they you move from location to location and cell to cell the towers transfer signals from one to the other.

Gps signal is transmitted in remote areas, but sometimes due to mountains, tall buildings signals can be interrupted, this is inclusive of buildings sometimes it is difficult to transmit the signals without GPS receivers computer can also determine your location based on the approach of the angle of the cell towers, the multiple towers and the time taken for the signal to travel and also the strength signal of your position to reach the tower.

Yes indeed all phones send and receive GPS, making it very easy to know the location of your phone maybe it is lost or stolen. The tracking helps with investigations too so definitely this answers your questions on sending of GPS signals around the globe.

Does NSA know everyone location?

Does NSA know everyone location?

U.S. cconstitutes itself the most democratic country in the world. However, at the same time, the country is the spy leader upon its own citizens. Before now, the country needed the tremendous resources to keep track of the citizens, then now use of the distributed networks, high-speed computers and other modern technology reduces spying costs significantly. That is that they respect human rights.

Today the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) can crack any operating systems and scan smartphone users data. This information is reported by Der Spiegel – one of the two largest-circulation news magazines published in Germany. The journalists take up the position that the intelligence agency is able to extract information from all types of Apple and BlackBerry mobile products. In particular, the NSA can get information on SMS-traffic and records that the mobile users have in their mobile phones as well as can locate a device.

According to the documents, each program of the smartphones’ developers is controlled by the groups of the NSA specialists.

In addition, they often use scripts to read data in 38 iPhone user-friendly applications. Der Spiegel reports that since 2009 year the NSA has been picked up the SMS-messages and e-mail coming from the Blackberry devices. Note! Blackberry software is considered to be one of the safest in the world. At that, as the journalists found out, the NSA employees responded enthusiastically to each new crack.

Formerly the Guardian - a British national daily newspaper published the information about the fact that a former NSA agent Edward Snowden had passed The New York Times the confidential documents. Der Spiegel along with The Guardian, The Washington Post and The Independent expose the American and British intelligence services’ activities. Currently Snowden resides within Russia, has recently contracted a political asylum from the Russian Government.

How to prevent being located from government

How to prevent being located from government

In our life nobody wants to locate by other people. If another person can locate us, then it would be very annoying for us. There is lots of high class technology which assists us to locate somebody. If you want to locate another person, then you can select a perfect technology. Your government also can locate you using various methods. If your government uses high class technology, then you can easily be located. Your government can locate you using different types of high class technology. The main thing is that, your government can locate you without your proper knowledge.

Government can locate you without any kinds of legal notice. If any government agencies or police force using tracking system, then it is not possible for us to ask the legality for this type of actions. No matter what you may think about your legal rights, but according to the latest court orders government or police force can track your phone without your permission or any type of warrant. On the other hand, if there are phone tracking activities occurs for private purpose then the situation has some difference.

You also have to remember that, you can’t do anything or can’t able to stop government to track your phone number.

Police also can track your phone number location without your permission or your knowledge. If you want to maintain your privacy perfectly, then you have to keep your phone at your home. This process assists you to protect your privacy perfectly. If you can make your cell phone switch off, then you can prevent government to locate you.

Modern technology assists us to get many kinds of wonderful things. These things assist us to improve our life standard. The bad thing is that, this process can challenge our privacy. Your phone number can be tracked without your knowledge. That is why; we can easily say that, police force or government can easily track your phone numbers. If you want to maintain your privacy perfectly, then you have to take some effective action. The government can easily locate you without any kinds of legal notice. That is why; you have to be very conscious about this matter.

How to track the satellite's exact location using gsm?

How to track the satellite's exact location using gsm?

Mobile phone tracking is a way of asserting the location of the phone, may that moving or stationary position. Detection of the location will occur using via a multimedia signal received and sent to several radio towers near the phone or via GPS. To locate the phone by using the multi alteration of radio signals, the device must send a roaming signal to the nearby antenna tower, and you don’t have to have an active phone call to do so. GSM system is based on the phone signal strength of the close antenna masts..

Mobile position may be determined by location-based services such as LBS information service or by checking the data from the social network which enables the use of geographical accurate geolocation and position. It is the most used technology of telecommunication companies.

The tracking technology is based on measuring the nearby signal and antenna patterns, with the concept of wireless communication with the nearby base station which implies that a certain phone is nearby. The advanced systems use more advanced ways of calculating the signal location by interpolating signals between adjacent antenna towers that can provide accurate information about the location down to 50 meters in urban areas.

There are other methods of determining the mobile phone carrier location. It can be network, handset, sim based, through the combined use of all, and WIFI. The network-based location tracking is used by determining the use of the user's service provider network infrastructure. The advantage of this method is that it can be implemented in a non-intrusive way without affecting any kind of handsets.

Network-based tracking was used before the invention and widespread of GPS handsets.

Hand-set-based location tracking works by reading the information of client-installed software on the head-set. This method determines the location by using cell identification and signal strengths of the home and neighboring cells that are continuously sent to the carrier. These phones usually have built-in GPS that gives better accuracy of the location.

This method requires approvement and cooperation of the mobile phone subscriber. Devices that work in such a way are usually smartphones like Symbian, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, BackBerryOS IOS, or Android.

Another method that can be used to track down the phone is by using the SIM data in the GSM. It is possible to get raw radio measurements from the handset. Some of the available measurements can be Cell ID, round-trip time, and signal strength.

WIFI data is the most used to determine the handset location. Poor performance of GPS in the indoor environment and increased popularity in WIFI created opportunities for inventing other methods of location detection. Like Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), GPS, GLONASS, and others. The hybrid method is a method used by combining all other methods of tracking to determine the location of the mobile phone.

How to track the location of a missing iPhone through GPS?

How to track the location of a missing iPhone through GPS?

The most modern technology that uses satellites to detect the location of devices is GPS. Many free and paid application in the App Store for iPhone uses GPS to enable this feature. Recommended applications for iPhone tracking through GPS are:

Phone tracker for iPhones by Cell Phone Solutions, LLC :

With this application you can track other iPhone users for free. With a simple registration process, you get to track 2 other iPhone users, the real-time picture on the map view of your mobile phone that shows icons of the tracked devices.

GPS option which saves battery life, see the travel path of your co-worker, child, or family member and enable or disable permission to be tracked.

GPS Location Tracker:

It tracks the location of the iOS device which has this app installed from the app store. It quietly records the location through WIFI, GPS, Cellular and uploads it periodically on the secure server. To view the location of your device log in to the website for a mobile or desktop device and it will show you the children, family member, or coworker whereabouts or track your lost or stolen device.

The application is configurable and could be set to sync settings at 10 minutes intervals. You get a real-time updates of the device whereabout by visiting the company site. You can track a vehicle path, the app starts automatically when the car is the driver and pause when the car stops. It is always on in the background, consuming low battery power, it is password protected with an SOS button in case of an emergency. GPS Location Tracker is offered for free in the App Store market and has taken a small amount of your memory.

Family Locator by Life 360:

This is the leading location-sharing application on the market. It can be used to stay connected with family members, friends, and everything in between.

You can see each of your family members on the map view like icons with pictures, you can get driving directions, check circles and let them know you are ok, find your stolen or lost mobile phone, or use the panic button to send warning in case of emergency. There are two subscription options, one is 4.99$ monthly and 49.99$ for a year subscription to this service.

Family Locator is available is in the iOS App Store translated in more than 30 languages and has over a thousand positive reviews and 5 stars rating on the website.

Find iPhone, Android xFi Lite :

A simple and free iPhone app that is used to track android, and ios devices. Beautiful, high resolution, various map types, sound alarms, support for multiple accounts are some of the features.

Find and track lost or stolen iPhone devices.

All the tracking information and details are displayed on Google Maps and the application main screen. It is available in the App Store and PlayStore for free.

Can i gps log the route of my car

Can i gps log the route of my car

I GPS technology is really very important technology. It assists us a lot. If you are a car owner & want to get idea about your car’s location, then you can select I GPS technology. This high class technology can log the route of your car.

I GPS program is really a high class program for all types of users. One can get perfect satisfaction by using I GPS technology.

There are some important sides of I GPS technology. These important sides are:

  • It is 100% user friendly for all types of users.
  • Its working process is very simple & straightforward.
  • It can easily log the route of a car.
  • It works perfectly. That is why; you will get an error-free result.
  • One can get high quality outcome by using I GPS.
  • There are some amazing features in I GPS. These high class features assists us a lot.
  • It can record all kinds of vital data perfectly. Therefore, you can easily select I GPS.
  • It is an innovative way for you. It helps you to track your vehicle perfectly.

  • I GPS gives us high class service.
  • It also helps us to get the auto start feature.
  • I GPS gives us the perfect fleet management process. An effective fleet management process is also extremely important.
  • I GPS is not so costly. That is why, you can easily select I GPS & log the route of your car.
  • You can get all kinds of vital information very easily.
  • I GPS gives us quick & effective result. Therefore, you can get a perfect result in a short period of time.
  • Finally it is very easy to say that, I GPS can log the route of my car. A savvy car owner can easily use I GPS to track the location of the car. It can ensure proper safety of your car. If you are really concern about your car & want to maintain proper safety matter, then you can easily use I GPS technology. It can bring lots of positive impacts for you. One can get perfect satisfaction by using I GPS.

    GSM tracking, is it possible without switching on a phone?

    GSM tracking, is it possible without switching on a phone?

    GSM tracking on a phone without power is near to impossible. Any SIM or mobile phone which is not registered onto the network cannot be tracked no matter what. However as soon as it is put into a phone and switched on, the mobile’s IMEI number and the SIM’s serial number would be received by signal towers nearby to get the SIM registered onto the network for receiving and making calls and other GSM mobile based communications.

    For tracking a phone through GSM or GPS technology, it is necessary that the phone is powered on. In case of no power, GSM technology can track the phone to the area of its last reception only. Because SIMs cannot be magnetized they cannot be detected or tracked if they are without a cell phone. Also a cell phone needs to be on the network, powered by a SIM or otherwise to get its location tracked. In-built GPS system of the phone, can track the phone easily once its switched on, no matter if it has a SIM card installed in it or not.

    When inserted into a mobile phone, the SIM is initially read by the mobile which prompts it for the IMSI number.

    Once the mobile gets the approved IMSI number, it allows the SIM to register onto the network and thus get into the communication circle. For GSM tracking, a phone thus needs to be powered on and in an area which can network reception. Otherwise only GPS tracking is possible.

    Can I modify a mobile phone such that it cannot be tracked?

    Can I modify a mobile phone such that it cannot be tracked?

    If you are talking about reprogramming an already manufactured mobile to be untraceable, well… that might just be a bit advanced but why go that extreme when you can actually get an App that can do same without going through the stress of modifying an already manufactured phone. Talking about Apps that prevents your phone from being tracked, there are some apps that serve that purpose.

    Some app that can hide your device from being tracked:

  • 1.Antispy mobile free – this serves two purposes; it prevents your mobile device from being spied on as well as shades it from being tracked. Its functionality features an alert on an incoming signal from any invading tracker around.
  • 2.Privacy scanner – this app just like anti spy mobile is designed to serve two purposes too, it locates your mobile device from any form of spyware as well as prevents any incoming cell phone trackers from monitoring your activities. The entire user needs to do to scan the phone once awhile to detect any form of tracking signal.
  • 3.SMS spy detector – the app has the ability to automatically scan and its report through an SMS medium even without you giving the command. The only command the user will have to do it to either “block or allow” the incoming tracker signal to penetrate, that will be when the app most have scanned and present the block or allow button for you to select from.
  • 4. wiretap and spy Removal – this does a double job, first, it blocks external trackers from penetrating and secondly it scans out any external mobile phone tracking signals that have been there before its arrival. It also has the ability to locate and block even a GPS tracking signal around.
  • 5. Cell catcher – it allows users detect any form of hack, spy or external tracking signals around you. It spots any network that is not included limits network database. The unique part of this is the presentation pattern, it presents its report in a CVS file.
  • 6.Spy mobile– just as the name says, this locates and removes any form of hacker, spy and tracker signal and also reduce the internet usage of an average user. The time period this app works with is what makes at unique at max it takes just 5 minutes to spot and remove any form of tracker signals.
  • Can I share my tracking history through my short messaging services?

    Can I share my tracking history through my short messaging services?

    Data collected from tracking a device is it through a mobile phone tracker or GPS location reader. In almost all the mobile phone tracking app there are programmed features where every user can easily either print or be sent via e-mail, Bluetooth or text messaging model. Though the provision for short messaging is rare among most tracking apps, which is why it is hardly believed that tracking apps have the ability to send its report using SMS services. Below are some tracking Apps that have the ability to share its report using SMS:

  • 1. Easy Logger – easy logger is a tracking app that enables users to track GPS, it is usually used domestically by parents to watch their teen children or by guardians to watch over old people, it can also serve as a car tracker but sometimes employers use it as well to monitor their employee’s office activity. So this tracking app accumulates all these information and sends it in three different modules like mail, print out and SMS. This is considered the best SMS oriented tracking app.
  • 2. Spyzie– this is another parent-oriented tracking app that has the ability to share its report using SMS method. Spyzie app assists every parent in monitoring what their kids do with their mobile phone and the unique part of this app is its ability to track Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, text messenger as well as location. Considering what young teen do with mobile phones these days, this app should be a must have for every household.

  • 3. SMS tracker – this app is specifically meant to track SMS messages, so it won’t be a surprise if it has an SMS reporting feature. This Android enhanced app has the ability to also track MMS as well as view sent and received pictures including browsing history. But the major feature remains the SMS reporting method.
  • 4. SMS and call tracker – this is another tracker that has the ability to gather both calls and SMS information and report via short messaging services (SMS). One of the interesting things about this app is its ability to present the reported data plain understandable format.
  • 5. Tracker mobile monitor – this is commonly used by a spouse to monitor their partner’s activities. The uniqueness of this just like its counterparts lays in their ability to present and share their results in an understandable SMS format.
  • Can I track a mobile phone in a country which prohibits tracking of mobile phone?

    Can I track a mobile phone in a country which prohibits tracking of mobile phone?

    The question is somehow rhetorical, in a country where mobile phone tacking is not legal the best thing to do is to keep off, quit tracking people’s mobile device!

    Tracking people’s location can disclose various exclusive information about the person or an organization.

    But due to the fact that in some countries, their present law has not really kept up with the latest advanced technology, take for example the police in some counties; they do track, hack and access information from company’s cell phone without a warrant. Though in those countries mobile phone tracking law may be very effective there are some other legitimate avenues to perform such action without bridging the mobile phone tracking ethics.

  • 1.Using the social media – using the social media location to find your mobile device can be a simple and legit way of locating anybody. Talking about Twitter, Foursquare and Google latitude which in all still give an accurate location for people who signed up. Take for example the Google map can always be accessed on Facebook which gives you the opportunity to visually view anybody’s location anywhere in the world.
  • 2.Tagging – rules they say is different when it comes to parent monitoring the children’s where about especially when they are under 18. In this case, monitoring your kid’s location is very much necessary but for people who are unfortunate enough to find themselves in a country that prohibits tracking of the mobile device must stick to “tagging apps” which makes use of the internet to locate any targeted device anywhere in the world. It works more like the GPS but not as efficient because some tagging systems only cover about just 800 square feet.
  • 3.Using my max speed app – this is an alternative to the normal way of tracking. It is usually used in cars while tracking its location; this app tracks the exact location and speed through a GPS data and also reports data every five minutes. This is, in fact, a perfect alternative to the traditional mobile phone or GPS tracking.
  • 4.Get physical- this is rather funny but since tracking is prohibited. Physical surveillance is not included. If you cannot track your subject digitally, does it physically; hire a detective logically he/she will do the same job an App will do, just that it might just cost you more.


    Smartphone designers understand that when clients buy their products, they are indeed investing.

    Because of this reason, they come up with great applications to help to track your smart phone among other activities. If you are using an iPhone or android mobile phone, you can track it without using third party software. Here is an account of how to track and get back your mobile phone incase it gets lost without using additional programs.

    For those using iPhones, the SpringBoard has an additional service/icon, Find iPhone which has gps enabled to help you locate the phone in case it gets lost. Though the service is not inbuilt on the phone’s operating system, you can simply download it from Apple Store and run it on the phone. The application is free of charge. For iPhones designed after 2010, the tracking is done through iCloud which is very easy to use and trace your lost or stolen phone. This is the main reason that more people are turning to iPhones and android mobile phones because of additional security.

    If your mobile phone operates on an android operating system, you can locate it using android device manager. After losing your phone, you go to Google Web Portal and provide your details to locate it with great precision using GPS. Some android phones have additional apps such as Bitdefeneder and Prey that can be activated remotely to know where your android phone is. Always remember to take great caution as you confront the thief (if your phone was stolen) because he might be intending to harm you. It is preferable to contact and be accompanied by police as you proceed to recover your phone.



    Losing your phone can be devastating.

    In the modern world, mobile phones are indeed used as mini-offices. You can prepare presentations, track your company vehicles, track employees, monitor security, meet new clients, and many other tasks. Losing such a mobile phone can consequently be very disastrous because all of this information can be leaked to your competitors, compromise your privacy, and even be used for cyber fraud. With modern tracking by phone number services, you can easily retrieve your phone and catch the thief.

    GPS tracking is a highly effective method that identifies the location of your phone after it gets stolen. This information is helpful because you will be able to move to the site and get the thief. It is always advisable to use police officers when you are making such moves because the thief can be hostile and try to escape after realizing he is about to be caught. Tracking websites and companies have great precision in locating your phone and you can rest assured to have it back within a short period of time.

    Modern tracking software installed on phones come with advanced applications that allow the owner to remotely activate the microphone and record the conversation as well as background noise. If the mobile phone had spying software, incoming calls, and outgoing calls can be recorded. The police can then identify the owner of the calling numbers to reach and catch the thief. You do not have to risk by operating a phone without tracking systems installed on it. Reach professional websites and work without fear of getting your phone stolen.



    With the mobile phone revolution it has become necessary to keep track of what your children are viewing on their phones.

    Of late and in this generation it has become necessary to equip all our kids with mobile phones to enable easier communications. But it has become advisable for parents to monitor what their kids are doing online to keep them away from online predators, adult sites and basically to ensure that they access only what they are allowed to. The application comes with GPS tracking for knowledge of your kid’s location.

    The apps available in the latest version of smart phones goes beyond games and productivity so much has come in with these as there are also app to keep your children from being bullied. These applications help even the most paranoid parent to be calm and be peaceful; it is allowed that parents have the full responsibility of their children until they are adults. And sometimes it is very difficult to follow them around physically just to have the peace of mind it is indeed legal for parents to monitor what their kids are up to with this gadgets.

    An application like kid track can be a solution to all parents this application with GPS updates you on every move your child makes, as a parent you can view messages inclusive of attached images, as busy parents who are not at home all the time applications like this can’ look after’ your children they are very convenient and without a doubt you will be updated. Also in this world of kidnapping children are able to be traced so really this application works two ways, to the benefit of both parties. Parents can attest that this app have helped to keep their children in tow, every information comes via your email you can access it from anywhere you are. The information is captured and uploaded to the kid track servers thus they release the end result information on your side. If you may have a couple of children it is also possible to simultaneously track at the same time.



    Modern technologies are providing opportunities and unprecedented choices, with cell phones getting smarter everyday with new models being invented the ability to track phone numbers have made many people wonder whether their spouse can locate their location Based on data derived from calls on their smartphones or IPhones. Phone tracking has enormous probabilities as you can know where you spouse is .All you need to do is search their number and you will find their location trusting that they mention that is where they will be at that specific time. The smarter you phone is the higher the probability of tracking someone, many people wonder if it is possible to track their spouse and yes it is very possible to track their every move as long as they have their phone and it is on. You can even get a log of up to 3 months.

    On the other hand, if you want to be absolutely sure that your spouse can never trace your phone, leave it at home or change to another with a different number! However this is not right, nevertheless on the other hand we are opening an opportunity of mutual trust between the parties. But if need be you can be assured that your spouse will trace your phone number. There is also an Android app that runs on the background you get results immediately on your device ,this app is very discreet and when it is in use it sends data to the server which updates on their location as at that time ,consequently as one moves around you can be assured to know their next destinations.

    Phone tracker is inexpensive software that enables one to view text messages, monitoring of calls, emails, sometimes mistrust leads one to monitor their spouses’ phones.

    Discovering their loyalty can be done discreetly with these applications without disrupting your partnership further. Rather than live in doubt and wondering where your spouse is where they said they would be all you need to do is trace their phone number you have all the information you need.



    Yes it is a definite answer, since the revolution of the mobile phone industry it has become very easy to track anyone who owns a mobile phone. If they want to track your location they can do without even warrant. What they do is that they track using the old calls that were made earlier on your cell phone. They just need to show a court and this helps in investigation. How works is that whenever a call is made the cellular network analyzes the phones position and determines whichever tower or cellular is best in position to produce wireless services. Always note that any mobile phone turned on maintains a connection with several nearby towers thus the police will always be able to trace you.

    GPS really does rely on precise signals on three local cells.

    That is how phones report locations based on GPS positioning .Emergency response teams, police and government officials rely relatively on precise locations of the wireless carriers for the phone. This has made it very easy to catch culprits and kidnappers based on the last phone calls made and on the map mode on where the signal is the strongest. We live in new brave world not everyone can be trusted just like computers which store data whenever you use a cell phone it stores all the information, police use and collect information from a service provider on call history, last locations and times when calls were made, during crime investigation phone records have been known to bring culprits to book.

    We should be very careful of information we give during conversations on cell phones as they are stored. In the United States police do not need a warrant to listen to your conversations if there is a probability of crime that one is committing however it is illegal for an individual to ‘spy’ on another without a judge warrant. All the major phone carriers respond to requests for law enforcement on phone calls, text messages and other data that needs availing to the authorities, they can even recognize the kind of device you are using.

    Catch the stalker

    Catch the stalker

    Beauty is a gift by nature where all creatures we make are beautiful but some more than others. Glooming well adds to the beauty and attracts casual lookers who try to appreciate the glamour. For some people, beauty can be intimidating, andas it takes away their ability to get to talk to the girl face to face. Some of these people have cognitive disorders and are the kind who become rapists or may harass people in some other kind if they know they are hidden. You may be a victim of a stalker who is trying to take advantage of their anonymous location.

    United Tracker provides a solution to your problem where you can find the true identity and location of your stalker.

    It may seem like a complicated process, but it is actually easy and within 45 seconds or less you will be able to locate your stalker. Take the number they have been nagging you with and type it into the telephone tracking tool. The page will reload to a new page showing a dialog box. This box shows that the search is being carried out. Make sure you do not disrupt the connection while the search is still onprogress. After the system has completed the search, you will be show the exact location of your stalker.

    Using the information, you have received and go and find the stalker. Confront Them and it will be the last time they will call you after being exposed. You can recommend your friends to use the service as a way of protecting themselves by knowing the location of their stalkers.

    Connect with your classmates

    Connect with your classmates

    Fate brings people together, and circumstances force people to grow apart. In school, you made many close friends whom you had fun spending time together. You can look bank a feeling of nostalgia fill your heart as you remember the happy memories. You separated as you grew to follow different paths where some went to college, some started businesses, and others just disappeared after school. All you have is a class book with small photos, short messages and phone numbers. You may be wondering where your friends went and what they might be doing at the moment.

    Now we have a solution to make your wish come true. was built to enable you to find the locations of you classmates. It follows simple procedures and all you need to perform the task are their phone numbers. Take the book with the numbers and start entering the numbers in the phone tracking tool provided by telephone hunters. After entering all numbers, then press the “Start Phone Tracking” button and wait for the magic to be done. A new page will open after pressing the button which will have a search dialog box. The dialog box shows that the scanning of the phone location is taking place. Keep close to make sure you answer any question in case the system prompts you. You should also ensure that the connection does not get lost because it will affect the search process. The process will take around 45 seconds, and you will have you results.

    You will see the exact location of you classmate after the process has completed. At times, you may find the location does not develop after the search. Do not panic, this is mostly due to a typing error when entering the phone number. Check the number you entered and be sure that it is correct then try again. I hope you will have fun looking for your classmates.