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Phone trackers have been available only to law enforcement for many years. It was just a joke. Its use by citizens is not possible due to current laws. But why shouldn't it be available to everyone one day?

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Can one download a GPS tracker for an Android device with no pre-installed tracker?

Can one download a GPS tracker for an Android device with no pre-installed tracker?

Yes anyone can download any kind of tracker for the device, may that be of freeware sites and web pages, the internet GooglePlay Market or IOS market.

The installation process takes a small amount somewhere about 10 minutes. Depending on the application size which can be from 3 -5 MB to 60MB the download is really fast. Setting up the application to work properly and testing can take up to 20 minutes of your time.

Settings that you need to adjust are the number of users on the phone, who will use the phone, and who you are going to track. What data are you going to track, SMS messages, calls, and contacts, location on the map, or every data stored on the smartphone? Some applications require a sign-up subscription to one of their sites in order to allow secure cloud storing service and real-time and offline view of the monitored and logged data stored on these servers. The sign-up process requires your name, address, email address, and other personal information which you decide to share or not.

Some non-modern Android phones don't have a built-in GPS tracker, but you can install trackers on them also, and they will use the internet, wired or wireless connection, internet IP address to determine your current and future location.

In order to install the tracking application, you need to have admin privilege on the smartphone or by an administrator of the owner, you need to be able to know the password to unlock it.

Non-owners cannot install any tracking apps on your phone and they cannot do that remotely they need to have physical access to the device. Use of GoogleMaps and tracking is available on any device, from the old legacy outdated device to the most modern technology running android 5 and up. Some have GPS built some don't but you can get details about your whereabouts with the use of the network if you can access it.

But today there is a small number of devices that do not have built-in GPS devices, so you don't have to worry much about having the required hardware in order to enable its users to track features and share the location with your friends, social media, parents and other. To be able to install a GPS tracker on your Android device you must own the smartphone, have access to any kind of internet connection from which you will download the application, the device should have the necessary GPS hardware, and the user should confirm the required permissions in order the application to work. There is not any kind of limit of age, location, of the user. And it doesn't matter from which source you gonna get the application.

Can you track a missing phone without GPS or Wi-Fi?

Can you track a missing phone without GPS or Wi-Fi?

The tracking of the device is possible without GPS and Wi-Fi in some case with the help of the mobile operator.

The devices are increasing in their manufacture and design. Some do support the modern features, but still there are many which do not know about the modern features.

You can track your device by using Google android device manager. This will need a data connection to the mobile company's internet only. The device must be connected with the Google account to track it after it has lost. You must allow this feature. You need to have enabled the android device manager for locating your device as these settings can be changed and can’t be set to on or off as per user's discretion.

You also need to allow the android device manager to lock your device and erase your data so that it does not come at the hands of some malicious persons. There is no app as such for that. This only needs that your device is connected to your Google account. It is very much easy to use in tracking of your missing phone. You just need to select the right device if you have connected many devices with the same Google account. After you select a device, it will try to locate the given device on the map. Google has also implemented some new tactics in their design as well. You can use the phrase 'where is my phone' in the search results and it will show your mobile on a little map after tracking, you can ring the phone directly from there.

There is another method to track down your missing phone which is to remotely install an app, but the device must be connected to the data connection. The requirement for this type of tracking need your device be connected with your Google account. The android version should not be higher than 3.0. This method is a bit complicated. First, you have to install an app android lost on your phone remotely, then you can activate it by sending a text from any of the mobile phone.

The installation of this app can be easily accomplished from your Google play store website on all your connected devices. The device needs to be however connected with your Google account at all costs otherwise you will not be able to do it. This is actually a demonstration of an emergency phone tracker. The device can be registered by sending the text instead of physical possession of the phone. This will act like a phone tracker hidden for the thief really. It will probably help many of us.

Catering emergencies with the help of phone trackers

Catering emergencies with the help of phone trackers

The phone tracking application can help in the emergency situations as well.

Whenever you are in an emergency, the first and foremost thing you want to accomplish is asking for someone help. This is the most crucial step. How will you ask for the help of emergency worker, police or your loved ones? You may be out of the network or even if you are in the network range, you may not be able to dial a call to the desired person due to some challenging issues around you. Many of the apps related to phone tracking would help you even if there is no network. They can guide you along your path. They can give you directions to reach some safe place.

The phone tracking app may have an additional feature that you can press a panic button on it. This button may have attached and stored information regarding your emergency contacts. It will be just forward a text that you need help. This text will reach your loved ones or the emergency department like police or hospital. This all depends on how you can give information behind that button. Then the next process of locating you begins after that. The people who receive your help seeking text will then try to establish your location. This issue can also be served with the help of phone tracker paid applications, they will send your exact location as well. In this way phone tracker current location will guide the emergency workers reach you much easily.

The phone tracking applications work like emergency drugs for the people in the modern world. The police and emergency working departments can work with more efficiency and their efforts to get some more streamlined with the help of these phone tracking applications. The police can track the cell phones with the location on the maps and aerial photos of the area. They can do it with much more accuracy some time with exact precision.

There are many examples in which authorities have been able to rescue the people out of troubles due to such phone tracking applications. One of the examples is the rescue of the teenager and a toddler, who forgot their way in a large wooden area. The cell phone tracking applications and the help of a dispatcher got them rid of such situation in about 20 minutes only. They were very much worried as it was not even a dream to find out way out of this expanded 113 acre woods area but thanks to the technology. Therefore, it is definitely right to say that phone tracking applications can be much helpful in the case of any type of emergencies.